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Students and Their Oral Health

We at Toothworks are aware that students frequently neglect their oral health for a variety of reasons, including money, time, and anxiety/fear. In this post, our dentists discuss why it's important for students to pay attention to their oral health.

Why do students avoid going to the dentist?

Students are often on a tight budget. They also tend to want to study and go to school and making time to see the dentist becomes difficult. This can cause stress, which in turn leads to poor oral hygiene. This is because stress impairs the body's ability to fight off periodontal pathogens.

It is also common for students to believe that their oral health is unimportant and that they can spend both their time and money on more important things.

But students can be vulnerable to dental worries. One of the reasons for this is food selection. High sugar, high caffeine diets, as well as snacks throughout the day, can do a number on your dental health.

Is it important for students to be educated about their dental health?

Absolutely! Our team at Toothworks makes patient education a priority. Despite their busy schedules, education can motivate students to make time to see the dentist. Starting educational programs in elementary school, secondary school, and college or university can highlight and promote oral health care. It is critical to include tips to reduce the frequency of dental problems. These can include oral hygiene instructions, limiting snacking between meals, and eating less sugar and acidic foods.

Further, schools should promote any dental coverage plans they offer for students. This would encourage students to use the discount to improve their oral health.

One of the biggest barriers to dentistry is fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are frequently learned behaviours in children by their parents. For example, if a parent is afraid of the dentist, the child is oftentimes afraid as well. Fear can also be based on previous dental experiences. Negative reactions to local anesthesia, needle phobia, pain, and a sense of helplessness all contribute to uneasiness in the dental office.

But rest assured, our team is here to try and help reduce your dental anxiety!

Regardless of your reason, it’s always important to make sure that oral health care is a priority.

Are you a student in need of dental care? At Toothworks, we offer student coverage and discounts to improve and maintain your oral health. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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