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Planning For Cosmetic Dental Treatment

When we think of cosmetic dental services we only really consider the desired outcome. Our Ontario dentists talk about the planning that goes into your cosmetic dental treatment.

Planning For Cosmetic Dental Services

When it comes to the realm of cosmetic dental services, there is more to it than just teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Your Ontario dentist needs to consult with you about your goals and assess your current smile. Then they need to work with the tools they have to try to accomplish your goals. 

The dentists at Toothworks understand that your smile showcases your personality and that it can have a large impact on your confidence. So we know that there are a number of factors that need to be considered when embarking on this journey toward a straighter, brighter smile.

What About The Expectations of Patients?

The most important things that our dentists consider before any treatment are the patient's goals and expectations. We try to understand our patient's primary complaints and concerns so that we can direct our treatment plan toward a final outcome that our patients will appreciate.

After a thorough assessment, your dentist will highlight treatment options and expected outcomes with you in order for you to make an informed decision about treatment. This allows you to give input and ask any questions that you may have.

With the help of dental technology such as the iTero scanner, our Ontario dentists can create digital renditions of our patient's smiles and even show them how their treatment will progress. This allows our patients to feel more confident in their treatment plans.

What Are The Considerations With Cosmetic Dental Services?

When your dentist is plannign yoru cosmetic procedures there are many things that they will consider prior to making and decisions. Some of these factors include:

Facial Aesthetics - When iit comes to assessing your smile, the intial notes will be based on the visual appearance of your smile. Facial features and proportions are key factors in how your smile is going to look. Your dentist will take the symmetry of your face in consideration for this portion. Notable concerns with symmetry can be an indication of skeletal or growth and development issues that may or may not have altered the facial appearance at this point.

Tooth Position - The position that your teeth are currently in will play a role in your treatment options. Without proper evaluation, this can lead to the dentist attempting to obtain ideal results unsuccessfully when the tooth or root is improperly angled or is in the wrong position.

Upper Lip Length, Lip Position, Mobility, and Symmetry - Your lips play an important role when it comes to the look of your smile because they create the boundary for your smile. Overall lip mobility is simply the movement of the lips at rest to the farthest position that occurs when the patient smiles spontaneously and is directly related to the upper lip length. The overall symmetry of the patient’s lip mobility must be assessed since there is a significant portion of the patient population that has asymmetry of movement of upper and lower lips. This can lead to more teeth and/ or gum displayed on one side versus the other, creating disharmony in the overall smile of the patient.

Incisal Edge Position - The incisal (front teeth) edge position must also be evaluated in relation to the surrounding tissues as well. Generally, your front teeth should be parallel to your pupils.

Midline - The position of the teeth, and the dental midline in regard to the facial midline has to be assessed during the smile evaluation. It is important to evaluate the relationship of the dental midline to the facial midline in addition to the overall angle of the midline. If there are slight differences in the midline angle, it can be quite noticeable to many people.

Tooth Proportions - Overall tooth proportions are another key and critically important assessment that must be made by your dentist during the initial examination. 

Microesthetics - You and your dentist will discuss the tooth sahde that you are hoping to achieve in the end. Ideally, they will select a shade that is naturally pleasing but aesthetically enhancing. The dentist should also communicate to the lab technician about desired facial surface texture, overall incisal translucency, additional tooth characteristics including incisal effects, embrasures, tooth shape, and variations in value and hue.

If you are considering cosmetic dental services and would like to learn more please contact our Ontario dentists today.

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