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Can Children and Teens Get Their Teeth Whitened?

Our dentists at Toothworks Hatamian Dental recommend against teeth whitening for children and young teens. In this post, we mention a few important reasons why. 

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How much does dental surgery really hurt?

Do you have a dental surgery coming up? Perhaps you're wondering if you'll experience pain after your procedure. Our dentists at Toothworks Fairview Park list some facts about the after-effects of surgery and what you can do to manage any discomfort. 

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Professional Teeth Whitening vs. White Strips

Today, our dentists at Toothworks College Park Dental explain why they would likely recommend professional teeth whitening instead of over-the-counter white strips.

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Tooth Extraction: What to Expect

Do you need to have one tooth or multiple teeth extracted? It can be helpful to know how to prepare and what to expect both during and after the procedure. Today, our dentists at Toothworks College Park Dental explain what will happen during the tooth extraction process. 

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Our Top 5 Tips for At-Home Oral Hygiene

Our Toothworks dentists remind patients to maintain an excellent at-home oral hygiene routine between appointments. We understand patients may not be getting the most out of their at-home dental care, so today our dentists Toothworks King-York Dental in Ontario hope to help rectify that.

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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

At Toothworks, we sometimes recommend replacing missing teeth with dental implants. You may need a bone graft before your procedure. In this post, our dentists at Toothworks The Boardwalk Dental in Ontario explain bone grafting for dental implants.

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How To Care For Dental Veneers

At Toothworks, we can help reshape your smile with veneers, which provide a relatively quick and long-lasting fix for teeth that are misaligned, stained, irregularly shaped or chipped. Our dentists at Toothworks Brookfield Place Dental in Ontario are here to tell you how to properly care for them.

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The Dental Bridge Procedure

Need to replace missing teeth? At Toothworks, we can help you find the right option. Our dentists at Toothworks King-York Dental in Ontario often replace missing teeth with dental bridges. We explain how the procedure works in this post. 

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Metal or clear braces?

At Toothworks, we often help patients choose between metal braces and clear (ceramic braces). Today, our dentists at Toothworks at Square One in Ontario explain why these options, in addition to clear aligners, are so hotly debated.

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Types of TMJ Disorders

The TMJ, also referred to as the temporomandibular joint, is one of the most complex joints in the human body. Our dentists at Toothworks Fairview Park Dental in Ontario describe three main types of disorders of the TMJ joint. 

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Shaping the Smiles of Tomorrow

Since 2001, Toothworks Dental Clinics have been providing patients of all ages with personalized dental care and a welcoming experience at locations across Ontario.

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