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Dental Health Tips From Fairview Park Dental

The dentists at Fairview Park Dental offer tips to help our Kitchener & Waterloo patients maintain healthy smiles.

More tips from our Toothworks Dentists

Types of Dental Cleaning Procedures

Everyone needs to have dental cleanings done in order to best care for their dental health but did you know that there is more than one type of dental cleaning? Dentists at our Ontario offices discuss the different types of dental cleaning and what to expect with each type of procedure.

Students and Their Oral Health

We at Toothworks are aware that students frequently neglect their oral health for a variety of reasons, including money, time, and anxiety/fear. In this post, our dentists discuss why it's important for students to pay attention to their oral health.

How much does dental surgery really hurt?

Do you have a dental surgery coming up? Perhaps you're wondering if you'll experience pain after your procedure. Our dentists at Toothworks Fairview Park list some facts about the after-effects of surgery and what you can do to manage any discomfort. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing to Cosmetic Dental Treatment

At Toothworks, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures to help restore confidence in your smile. The dentists at our Toothworks Fairview Park Dental location in Ontario have listed some questions you should ask yourself about cosmetic procedures. 

Why consider getting dental implants?

Have you lost one or more teeth due to decay, illness, accident or injury? In years past, you may have chosen other options, but these days dental implants have become more viable and affordable options. Our dentists at Toothworks Fairview Park Dental explain.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Replacing missing teeth is crucial to preserving your oral health. To support a tooth replacement, your Toothworks dentist may need to place a dental implant. Here, our dentists at Toothworks Fairview Park Dental explain the dental implant procedure.

The Invisalign Journey

Have you decided that Invisalign is the right orthodontic treatment option for you? Our dentists at Toothworks Fairview Park Dental share what you can expect from your Invisalign journey, start to finish.

Dental Bonding vs. Dental Veneers

At Toothworks, we believe cosmetic dental procedures such as dental bonding and veneers are a great way to lighten and change your smile. Our dentists at Toothworks Fairview Park Dental are here to explain the key differences between these two procedures.

Shaping the Smiles of Tomorrow

Since 2001, Toothworks Dental Clinics have been providing patients of all ages with personalized dental care and a welcoming experience at locations across Ontario.

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