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What is a night mouth guard?

Are you wondering what a night mouth guard is for? Here, our Toothworks dentists explain what they are and why your dentist might recommend one for you.

What does a night mouth guard do?

Also known as nightguards, a night mouth guard is a dental appliance that you wear over your teeth while you sleep. They create a barrier between your teeth, preventing grinding (bruxism). This also adds cushioning for people who clench or grind their teeth while they sleep, reducing the discomfort, pain, or resulting damage.

Are there other types of mouth guards?

Aside from night mouth guards, your dentist may recommend a sport mouth guard. A sports guard is intended to be worn during high-impact sports or activities that could cause impact to your face or teeth. The guard will act as a buffer and disperse the force more evenly, preventing serious damage to your teeth and sensitive gum tissue.

Is it safe to wear a mouth guard while sleeping?

Not only are mouth guards safe, they provide preventive care. Custom-fitted mouth guards won't allow your teeth to touch while you're sleeping. This protects your tooth's enamel from being worn down.

Night Mouth Guard, Toothworks Dental Clinics

How should I clean a night guard?

You can clean your mouth guard daily, by brushing it with toothpaste and storing it dry, in the container provided. You can also soak your mouth guard periodically with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide should completely cover the guards to fully clean them. Let them soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse them off with water.

How long do mouth guards last?

Mouth guards can last between 2 to 10 years, but the severity of your grinding will have an impact on their longevity. Any dental procedures that affect the shape or alignment of your teeth may affect the fit of your nightguard requiring either an adjustment or replacement.

How long will it take for me to get used to wearing night guards?

This might be a strange feeling the first time you try to sleep while wearing a mouth guard. Most people are able to fall asleep within 5-10 minutes and it doesn't tend to wake people during the night. Habits take weeks to form, so stick with it for at least a month and you should be able to sleep with them much easier after that.

Are night mouth guards right for me?

Symptoms such as recurring headaches when you wake up in the morning or a sore jaw might suggest that a night guard could help you.

Speak with your dentist if you think you might be suffering from conditions that a night guard may correct.

To learn more about night mouth guards, contact  the dentists at a Toothworks Dental Clinic near you.

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