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Full Mouth Restorations in Ontario

What is a Full Mouth Restoration?

A full mouth restoration is a plan that consists of a selection of cosmetic and general dental treatments offered at our office. This plan allows our Toothworks dentists to coordinate all the procedures you might need in fewer appointments.

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This Service is Available at All Toothworks Locations

Customized Dental Care

Some patients require a variety of dental treatments to achieve their goals for their smile.

In these cases, our dentists develop a carefully mapped out plan, which allows us to coordinate all the dental procedures you need, but in fewer appointments and with the most efficient results.

Treatment Options

Dental diseases, trauma, and poor oral hygiene can all contribute to a patient's desire to restore their smile. 

No matter what your reasons are, we are happy to work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs. 

A full-mouth restoration plan may consist of any of the dental services offered at Toothworks Dental Clinics. 

Full Mouth Restoration, Toothworks Dental Clinic

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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